Refractive Marketing Services

Seeking a reliable and experienced marketing agency to help you attract new refractive surgery patients? Look no further.

Vision Group serves as your comprehensive solution for refractive and LASIK marketing services. With a proven track record, we excel in constructing a marketing engine that enhances revenue and profitability for both established and emerging brands.

We specialize in helping our partners reach their acquisition and branding objectives by deploying strategies encompassing traditional media, digital marketing, lead nurturing, and advanced analytics.

Why Choose Vision Group?

  •  All‑In‑One Solution: Eliminates the need for multiple agencies.
  •  Diverse Expertise: Experience in direct‑to‑consumer and co‑management marketing.
  •  Brand Versatility: A proven track record of success with both value‑based and premium brands.
  •  Strategic Insights: Advanced analytics capabilities to ensure cost‑effective results.
  •  Refractive Knowledge: Our team includes some of the most experienced refractive marketers in North America.
  •  Dedicated Team: In-house marketing team comprising 25+ individuals exclusively focused on refractive marketing.
  •  Comprehensive Support: Call center services to enhance customer engagement and support.

Our Marketing Services

Below is a list of the various marketing services offered by Vision Group, which can be tailored to your brand’s specific goals and needs.

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Brand Management

Our team specializes in creating a unified brand identity that resonates on every platform, ensuring a consistent and compelling message that engages your audience and elevates your brand’s presence. Our creative services include everything from crafting key messaging to defining brand personality, such as the design and development of logos, brand guidelines, and marketing assets.

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Empower your business with targeted initiatives. Leveraging our industry know-how, we tailor business strategies, campaigns, and messaging to align with your objectives, ensuring a roadmap for success in a rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

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Web Design & Conversions

Crafting websites that captivate and convert. Our focus is on driving conversions and enhancing user experience while preserving the distinct visual essence of your brand.

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Paid Digital & Traditional Campaigns

Unleash the power of paid advertising with our in-house team of experts. Utilizing our extensive product knowledge, we meticulously plan and implement paid ad campaigns that precisely reach your target audience with compelling messages for optimal return on investment.

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SEO & Traffic

Drive targeted traffic straight to your doorstep. Utilizing cutting-edge tools and insights, our team employs strategies to channel organic traffic from search engine results directly to your web pages.

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Email & Text Communication

In a competitive landscape, a comprehensive multichannel communication strategy is indispensable. We effectively engage with your audience through seamless email and text communication.

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Analytics & Reporting

Unlock the power of informed decisions. We believe in the significance of data – our commitment is to track, measure, and record every facet of our efforts, providing invaluable information that translates into optimal results.

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Reputation Management

Harness the power of positive customer feedback. Our outreach system is designed to cultivate a continuous flow of favorable reviews, strengthening your online reputation, and establishing trust among potential customers.

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Co‑Management Marketing

Specialized services include strategic co-management marketing solutions tailored to meet your unique business needs. We utilize our decades of experience to help other practices ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for eye doctors.

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Patient Call Center

Our patient call center boasts a team of over 30 highly trained and experienced professionals, who handle more than 40,000 calls a month. Our agents are specialized in refractive services along with multiple brands, providing a diverse range of services to cater to your unique needs.


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Partnering with Vision Group was one of the best decisions I ever made for my practice. Vision Group's clever industry insights and proactive approach have consistently translated our ideas into action, driving positive results for our practice. Their ability to stay on top of trends in elective medicine ensures that our marketing efforts remain relevant and effective. I highly recommend Vision Group as the go‑to resource for specialized marketing services in the refractive industry.

Dr. Jason Greenberg  
LASIK Surgeon     
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Dr. Jason Greenberg
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Having partnered with Vision Group for many years, their commitment to ROI‑driven solutions is unparalleled, which has helped grow our patient volume quickly and efficiently in the long‑term. They provided my practice with a one stop shop that delivers a complete menu of services, tailored to our unique needs, from SEO and traffic optimization to reputation management. Vision Group is an invaluable partner for any refractive practice seeking to thrive in today's competitive market.

Dr. Chirag Shah   
LASIK Surgeon     
LASIK Experts
Dr. Chirag Shah

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