About the Founders

Dr. Mark Cohen and Dr. Avi Wallerstein are the co‑founders and co‑medical directors of Vision Group.

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Their innovative approach to vision care and strategic leadership has propelled Vision Group to become one of North America's leading vision correction providers.

Both doctors are well-known in the ophthalmological community.

Having been on the forefront of refractive research for decades, their work has contributed to the development of new vision correction technology and techniques as well as the refinement of existing practices.

They are routinely invited to speak at symposiums and conferences around the world to share their wealth of knowledge on refractive surgery.

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Wallerstein’s work has been featured in a variety of academic journals throughout the years:

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Dr. Cohen and Dr. Wallerstein have received a number of accolades for their work over the years, including the Ernst & Young 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the professional/financial services category for Quebec, which recognizes excellence in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Wallerstein have both performed over 60,000 refractive procedures during their years in practice.

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In 2020, Dr. Wallerstein was the recipient of the Waring Medal for a paper published in the Journal of Refractive Surgery, which he co-wrote with Dr. Cohen and Dr. Mathieu Gauvin. This honor is annually awarded to recognize excellence in refractive research.

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Dr. Cohen and Dr. Wallerstein are also heavily involved with training the new generation of refractive surgeons. They are both certified C-LASIK instructors and train up-and-coming ophthalmologists directly out of LASIK MD’s Montreal clinic, which is one of North America’s only laser vision correction training centres.

Likewise, Dr. Wallerstein is responsible for establishing the first Canadian laser eye surgery teaching curriculum, which continues to educate current ophthalmology students. He is also the director of optics and refractive surgery teaching at McGill University as well as an assistant professor of ophthalmology.