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What does a partnership with Vision Group look like?

A partnership with Vision Group can take many shapes in that we are flexible, and look for like minded partners who we could acquire, partner with or license services to.


Partner with Vision Group

By leveraging our expertise in ophthalmology and refractive surgery,
Vision Group can provide your practice with the following benefits.

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Expand your practice

Ability to expand refractive & ophthalmological services

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An experienced team

A proven leadership team with decades of experience in vision correction

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Patient Management Software

A customer relationship management and electronic medical records platform

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Administrative Support

Professional resources to streamline administrative functions

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Marketing Support

Marketing services that drive revenue and profitability

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Increase patients

Opportunity to increase patients while maintaining the highest quality of care

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Enjoy the benefits of partnership

Vision Group's robust infrastructure gives eye care providers the freedom and flexibility to focus on patient care while we take care of back-end operations, such as marketing, finance, clinical operations, practice management, and managed care contracting.

For tenured physicians interested in a future exit strategy, partnering with Vision Group gives them the assurance that they are leaving their practice and colleagues in good hands.

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Are you an Ophthalmologist interested in doing more refractive surgery?

Focus on your patient care, while we take care of back-end operations.

  •  Robust infrastructure
  •  Access to the latest refractive technology
  •  Well-trained support staff

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